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Its Easy Being Green

Its Easy Being Green

Here's what we do to be green:

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  • We are knowledgable in the latest technology that focuses on energy-efficiency so we can help you pick a "green” Heating or AC system to install.
  • The added benefit is “Uncle Sam” rewards you with tax credits and Energy Star rebates and that is in addition to any coupons or promotions we are already offering!
  • When we perform your annual heating Tune-Ups and AC Clean & Checks, we use the latest technology. We do this to ensure your systems are running as efficiently and safely as possible. We take extra steps to help the planet as well as your wallet. Also, if you are spending less on fuel because you have an efficient system, it’s like getting free oil!
  • We install and promote AC systems that use R410A refrigerant instead of the R22 freon that damages the environment. We are ahead of the curve. In fact, R22 freon production is being phased out world-wide by 2010 because of it’s harmful impact on the environment.
  • We recycle all of our ink cartridges. We even donate it locally to Leicester Public Schools so they can get money for it. See if your local school has the same program. This way you are helping the planet and your local community, just like us.
  • We vigilantly maintain our service trucks to ensure maximum gas efficiency so that they don’t “guzzle” gas. We keep current with oil changes and engine tune-ups.
  • We are going paperless! Everything is being stored digitally. Our memos and meeting minutes, phone messages, and much more are done digitally so that it eliminates the need to use paper or ink, or accumulate trash.

You’ll find we go above and beyond to make our carbon footprint as invisible as possible. An added benefit for you is that taking these steps helps keep our prices down so we can keep earning your business. Are you inspired? Then keep reading…

Here's what you can do to be green:

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  • If you need an invoice, service agreement, receipt, work order copy or any other paperwork, contact us on-line at www.McDonaldHeatingAndAC.com and we will e-mail you the correspondance you need. This not only provides you with excellent customer service by giving you instant answers (thus saving you time),and your own digital record keeping, but it also eliminates the need for paper or ink.
  • Never underestimate the power of good insulation. This applies to everything from your ductwork, to your coffee mug. Don’t forget to address that drafty door or window too.
  • Keep your gas tank full. It is better to fill it when it’s half full instead of empty because an empty gas tank accumulates condensation which makes gas comsumption less efficient.
  • Carpool whenever possible. The less cars on the road, the better for everyone.
  • Reuse more. That empty margarine tub is a good container for leftovers to bring to work. You also will eat better since leftovers eliminate the need to get fast food during lunch time.
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  • Eliminate “vampire energy” that unnecessarily eats up electricity (and your money). For instance, turn off your screen saver altogether. Change your power-save options on your computer to shut off your monitor after a few minutes. When you move your mouse or start typing again, your computer automatically “wakes up”. Use power strips that have an off/on switch too.
  • Replace your incandescent lightbulbs to Energy Star-rated bulbs that use less electricity, last longer and are easy to find at any retailer that sells lightbulbs.
  • Instead of printing out these planet & money saving tips, save this page as a favorite on your computer and e-mail it to your friends and family.
  • Watch this video from Energy Star to learn even more! Or download this form to submit the application to get your tax credit now!
  • Do you have a lot of paper cluttering up your home? Scan important paperwork and store it digitally so you have no need to keep a file cabinet. If it’s not something you’ll need to store, recycle the paper or reuse it as something else like kindling, insulation, scrap/memo paper, or even arts and crafts!
  • When in the market for new appliances or machines of any kind for your home or office, look for the Energy Star logo.
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